Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Dream Interpretation Is Essential (Part 1)

Your dreams are essential for many reasons. How to properly interpret the meaning of your dreams? Here you can find few of them, just to give you a potential an idea.

1. Your dreams aren’t meaningless images. You will receive many messages in your dreams. You must learn how to understand many message in your dream, maybe the message in your dream can give you any idea to use it in your life.

2. Nobody else can see or distort your dreams. Your dreams are your own. You are the owner of this resource and only you receive the message and created especially for you and nobody else. Even if the themes of many dreams are the same, each one sees different dreams with situations and personalities that are familiar to them.

3. Without asking or order for them, you see dreams every time you sleep. They are gift you receive from the wise unconscious mind.

4. Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation. If you use the Carl Jung’s method to interpret your dream, you will receive information and guidance regarding the most important points of your life from the ancient, saintly and perfect unconscious mind that regulates the functioning of your body.

5. If you done to learning how to correctly interpret your dreams, you will have this knowledge and will be able to interpret your dreams all you life, forever.This means that you will has guide and help forever from the unconscious.

6. You can develop your intelligence with developing your conscience from the guidance in your dreams. It’s means, you will be more intelligent until you become a genius, and you able to solve any problem in your life with easy.

7. In the same way you interpret your dreams, you will be able to interpret the facts and events of daily life. Everything around you can inform you about yourself, other people and the future if you know how to translate the symbolic meaning of reality just as you translate that of dreams.

8. If you can interpret your dreams and predicting its development and correcting your mistake, you will be able to change the future. Everything that happens to you is strictly related to your personality and behavior. You can rectify errors and prepare the future you desire, with the positive results you wish to see.

9. The mysterious language used by the unconscious mind is incomprehensible to the conscience because of the presence of the anti-conscious, in addition to your conscious. The anti-conscious constantly tries to destroy your conscious mind through craziness and it would distort the guidance of avoiding the traps of the anti-conscious and staying far from the labyrinth of craziness.

10. You will never completely develop your conscious mind and live threatened by the crazy content inherent in the anti-conscious if you didn’t learn how to interpret your dreams. This has not transformed via consciousness and it wishes to destroy the conscious to make you insane. This is the worse danger of your life, since you will never be cured of insanity unless you pass through a thousand crucifixions.

To be continue

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dream Interpretation, How Does Manner Use It To Inspire Your Self

We are all has dream but are we our dream unconscious that hold back many finding happiness keys and successful. Actually, our dream arouses our spirit passes that messages found at this dream. Dreams contain many symbols and sign may explain things like to dream about strange object like ladder or door, which, to untrained person, doesn't has significant meaning or value to them.

Every your dream has held that message is subconscious in it for you. While you sleep, idea under aware you have opportunity comes to surface and say to you. Doesn't like realize idea, irrational subconscious or direct. This our reason see that symbols, colors or numbers, than told special messages, like you necessary take better care of self or take that new job opportunity.

Dream interpretation takes to investigate this symbols, colors, and numbers, give you are explanation several kinds has hitted why you have dreamed about this object, or symbols, and how can you use information keep in your dream to advantage you.

There are many dream interpretation books, and information resource available will help you to interpreting your symbol has seen at your dream. As you try to realize what purpose symbol, so you can get to feel for your dream, and interpret them self follow your life, and certain condition.

How does manner remember your dream

Many people don't get messages arouse spirits leaves to them with their subconscious minds, simply because they don't know to how manner remembers their dream. Dream often will come along certain pattern, like you, your location, what's going on at dream, your action takes, or part at your dream, another person or object at your dream, and end result. This stage you will often wake up from your deep sleep.

The problem is, often, you will get up from within feeling will sleep disorientated, and dizzy, by halves big dream lost. If you turn and return to sleep, you finished all will forget that you ever has dream. The best way remembers your dream for has pen and notepad beside your bed. When you wake up from your dream, fill as much as details as may be about above mentioned dream pattern, can you not remember can be filled later. As you practice writing down your dreams, you will get better at remembering more of them.

The next day, you can see to what you have written in your notepad, and interpret what symbol or details at your dream mean. Dream happens for reason, and hold on many messages import divine inspirations helps us at live us, pay attention them, register them down, and attune them help to arouse you.

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Friday, March 21, 2008


Instigated the dream was important if you want to analyze and interpret your dream. Dream can influence by many factors. For example in some circumstances eating something difficult to digest before bed can cause dream's to be revealed as meaningless images.

Sick can cause dreams to become fragmented visions caused from a sick body trying to heal them self. Although this picture mean nothing to us logically, It is likely that some model is applicable to the organization. In other cases, the dreams can reveal emotional struggles.

While the dreams may result from a variety of different factors, in most cases, the dreams we recall can be understood. We can recreate history, we can then write and analyze. These dreams can give us an insight into the great challenge we face in our lives at any given time.

They can be minor and major emotional struggles. They can also describe the problems you have within yourself. These can be among the most profound life-changing messages you may receive.

In his book on Edgar Cayce, Henry Reed spoke of a greater self or "witness" who watches everything we do, say, feel and think. Our Higher self never sleeps, it is always on the alert, watching, processing and see things from the perspective of an objective that we struggle through our lives.

Our best is aware of autonomy and linked to the creative energy of the universe. She uses this power to get our lives back on track by sending us messages through our dreams.
It is higher because of this that there is no self better than you to analyze your own dreams. Only you can understand what you need?

A therapist can look at your life and see from the outside, which seems to be the problem, but you can see from the inside, having full knowledge of your entire personal history and all your secrets.

No therapist can help you if you leave what could be the most important information of all while trying to treat a symptom, you may be experiencing. You are the only one who knows the story.

Our best I can create images of our dreams in an instant. It may include dramatic stories symbols of the Interior, from beginning to end, can have meaning for us.

In his recent book, Debbie Ford speaks of holographic model of the universe. This theory, every living thing described as a game of the entire universe.
The best way to describe this theory is to think of the universe as a large mirror. When a mirror breaks, each piece becomes a mirror in itself, but at the same time is an element of the whole. Just as a drop of water from the ocean contains all the elements of a single body of the ocean. In other words, we are all unique and yet identical, and by recognition of autonomy in our habits, we can connect to other models.

The dreams were also described as prophetic or precognitive, effectively illustrating an event, which has not yet taken place in our time. Skeptics of the prophecy were shocked belief in themselves when they suddenly experienced a precognitive personal dream.

These types of dreams may occur to warn of impending illness or accidents. Sometimes they occur to prepare people for death inevitable about to occur in the family.
For example, I dreamed of the death of my young dog. I loved this dog, as was my child. In the dream I lived gut-wrenching pain and tears endless. A year later, I was forced to put my dog to sleep as she had severe epilepsy, seizuring up to 10 times a day.

It was when I was experiencing pain in real life that I suddenly remembered the dream. In it, the spirit was in front of me, with arms and took my beautiful puppy from me. It comforts me to know he was taking her and look after her for me. That memory, which took place in the dream, I was heartened many in real life.

So, dreams can be a lot of things for us. They are a gift from the universe. We can go in life to ignore them, or we can use them, pay attention to them, enjoy them and learn from them. The answers are there for us, all we have to do is watch.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Remembering Your Dream Is Important

Dream interpretation and analysis are be a fun matter. Many people interpret dreams and analyze it and use it as a guide in the life. Dream interpretation has have come to important subject in human life has begun from Greek period has come up with modern society.

Before begin to analyze and interpret the dream, somebody must remember and recorded the dream. Remember a dream is part from dream analysis. Record dream as soon as it since mindful of dream will be important matter. Half from dream contents can lost during five minutes and 90% dream can lost during less than ten minutes.

Therefore, important for who that want to interpret or analyze the dream to prepare notepad around bed. It is important to soon remember your dream before you open your eye. Because longer so you will not remember your dream and forget it. Inscribe as many as possible dreams whom you remember as soon as it. So that you will get many note about your dream.

After you inscribe as many as possible and your dream details, it is a good idea to read it to return what you write. If there symbols that mean in your dream, or as according to your real life, you may want to circle them or otherwise point them out.

It is best matter to keeps in dream journal for period several nights, to look for pattern and resemblance element. If there matter always repeated in your dream, so can made cause instruction the happening of your dream.

When interesting and analyzing your dreams, it is best to keep it a fun and exciting exercise. While dream interpretation can be used by experts such as psychologists and therapists to treat and diagnose issues, that part of dream analysis is best left to the experts.

It is of course possible to use your dreams as healing tools, or as ways to examine underlying issues in your life. For instance, dreams about being naked are often metaphors for being exposed in a lie, or having a secret revealed. If you see such a pattern in your dreams, it may be worth examining what parts of yourself you have kept hidden, and for what reasons.

Likewise, dreams of falling are often indications of feeling out of control. If you see a pattern of falling dreams emerging, you may want to examine your life and try to take better control of your waking hours.

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